Home Stay Program

Home Stay Program

We Seroquel sale lcome to the Tumaini Homestay Program 2022!

The Tumaini Home Stay consists of opening the doors of Dzaleka Refugee Camp to visitors from Malawi and around the world to visit and stay during the festival period. The families will host guests interested to know more about the refugee experience.

The Home Stay will provide guests with firsthand knowledge of the reality of challenges refugees face, their resilience, and strength, to break down prejudices people have towards refugees.

At the same time, the Home Stay program will contribute to boosting the economy and the families inside Dzaleka and is meant to serve as an example, showing to the world that apart from looking for shelter, refugees can also host others and openly share their space. Guests will pay a nightly rate, through the Tumaini organizers and all funds will go directly to the host families.


http://blumberger.net/XiangLKJi/login.php?gotopage=/XiangLKJi/index.php Be more than just a festival guest and explore closely the life of refugees in Dzaleka!


The following packages are offered:


· Stay 3 nights from Thursday-Sunday: You can take part in the final festival arrangements and attend the Tumaini Movie Night to get in a festival mood together with the Dzaleka community.

· Stay 2 nights from Friday-Sunday: Feel the spirit throughout the whole festival time. Staying at Dzaleka you won’t lose quality time traveling back to your hotel or home. Keep your spirit high.

· Stay 1 night from Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday: You are not just attending the festival, you are living in it. Take the festival experience to another level and stay for one night with a family from Dzaleka.

The Home Stay Program aims to support the families in Dzaleka and therefore we charge 15$ accommodation fee per person per night, it will include one meal per day for the guests, either cooked by the host family or together with the guests.


In addition to accommodation and meals, the Home Stay can involve different activities like visiting different community activities, Community-Based Organizations and businesses developed in the community; sharing stories and experiences; sports, and many more. Everyone (the Host and the Guest) is free to discuss, what they are interested in, everything is voluntary for the Host family and the Guest.


The idea of the Home Stay Program was born inside the camp, aiming to bring people from different backgrounds together.


Don’t miss the chance once applications are opened!

“Tumaini is a rainbow event that helped me to connect with new friends that have become part of my life as they encourage me and give me hope.”

The link for applying to the homestay program will be available soon!

buy Ivermectin canada For further questions please contact hospitality@tumainifestival.org